• 1 Product 1
    Aloevera Juice
  • 2 Product 2
    Amla Juice
  • 3 Product 3
    Diabetic Care Juice
  • 4 Product 4
    Heart Care Juice
  • 1 Product 5
    Kalp Amrit Juice
  • 1 Product 6
    Noni Fruit Juice
  • 1 Product 7
    Obesity Care Juice
  • 1 Product 8
    Triphala Juice
  • 1 Product 9
    Wheat Grass Juice
  • 1 Product 10
    V-Kids Junior

Ø  Leadership through “High Performance”

Ø  We help the families of Main Town live happier and healthier lives by providing the freshest, tastiest and most nutritious product.

Ø  To help people be healthy,

Ø   To have our product in every corner of country,

Ø   To help people enjoy life, or offer an affordable solution to health care.

Ø  We guarantee value for money on our products and services to create happiness for all.

Ø  Transform the knowledge into value to benefit the clients and the capital markets.

Ø  To become a top most company in Main Street by selling the highest quality, freshest farm produce, from retailer to customer with 100% satisfaction.


Ø  We will strive hard to create a vibrant, entrepreneurial, scientific, innovative and ethical organization to improve health of humans.

Ø  Continuous improvement in all activities by encouraging people and identifying how it can be done better rather than what is wrong.

Ø  We encourage entrepreneurial activities at all levels in the organization like value generation drive.

Ø  We aim to create a feeling of belongingness where organization, employees, customers and suppliers are emotionally connected to help and support each other.

Ø  We are committed to keep the well being of society in mind while taking decisions in the organization.